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CDs and IRAs

Reach for more with certificates of deposit and IRAs.

CDs are insured like checking and savings accounts, but offer fixed terms and higher earnings. Tax-advantaged IRAs - both traditional and Roth - let you pick your spot on the risk-reward spectrum.
Certificates of Deposit
Get a guaranteed return on money you don't expect to need at a moment's notice. 
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IRAs are available at your local community bank.

Certificates of Deposit 

Whether you are saving for a major milestone or want to boost your bottom line, Northway Bank certificates of deposit (CDs) can be a great addition to your overall savings strategy. Pick the term that works for you and make strides toward your financial goals.


  • Terms available from seven days to five years
  • Longer terms often pay higher rates
  • A predictable fixed interest rate makes it easy to plan for future expenses
  • The security of FDIC insurance
  • No monthly service charge
Penalty for early withdrawal may apply.


An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) at Northway Bank can help you build a balanced retirement portfolio. We offer two types of IRAs, tax-deductible traditional IRAs* and tax-free Roth IRAs**. Consult your tax advisor to determine which type is best for you.

*Traditional IRAs are 100% vested immediately and may be deductible for the year it is made depending on whether or not you participate in a retirement plan. Earnings grow tax-free until withdrawn. Distributions are required in the year you turn 70½.You may lose some interest if you withdraw funds before maturity. A $25 fee applies to close a complete IRA plan if the account holder is less than 59 1/2. Consult a tax advisor.
**Roth IRAs allow annual non-deductible contributions. Earnings grow tax-free, and qualified distributions are tax-free after a five-year holding period. Mandatory distributions are NOT required at age 70½. Consult a tax advisor.